U-Pick Strawberries

Sweet, juicy, Oregon Strawberries will be at your fingertips soon!

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2022 Update: Helen has made the bittersweet decision to retire from flowers after 20 wonderful greenhouse seasons. Our greenhouses will no longer be open in the spring. Helen will miss seeing you all in the spring, but is excited about spending more time with the grand-kids, sewing, and getting a chance to relax once in a while (though if you know her, it’s pretty unlikely she will). And of course, we can’t wait to see you for u-pick strawberries and pumpkin patch.

She wants to thank you all for the wonderful years of friendship and connections she’s made over the past 20 years and for your support of our small business. Her customers are near and dear to her heart and she looks forward to reconnecting with you all during our other farm seasons.