15 Strawberry Recipes you have to try!

There aren't many things better than strawberry season here in Oregon! Whether you have extra berries to use or looking for a new way to enjoy your fresh-picked strawberries, here are 15 strawberry recipes you have to try!If you haven't got any fresh berries yet, we're open for u-pick strawberries as the field conditions allow - click HERE to learn more and for updates! Just click on the arrows on the right to view recipes & how-to's for that category! Preserve your Strawberries Pick too many? Want to savor the taste of sweet Oregon berries for the coming months? Try

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Everything you need to know about Bushue’s Family Farm Greenhouses!

Here in Oregon, when the the sun starts shining and your allergies start acting up it can only mean one's almost time to garden! Helen has been busy planting up beautiful hanging baskets, patio containers, bedding plants and vegetable starts and we are quickly approaching our spring opening date. We've been getting lots of questions regarding our greenhouses and we are here to tell you everything you need to know about our greenhouses in one easy to find place. When will you open your greenhouses for shopping? This year we'll be opening the week of April 26th! Updated 5/9/2021

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This ultimate succulent soil recipe could save your succulents!

Succulent is the umbrella term for a plant that stores water in their leaves. They have evolved to survive periods of droughts by storing water in their leaves since they are found in warm, dry places that get very little rain. Their ideal environment would provide them with lots of light, just a little water periodically, and some warmth. While it seems simple enough to care for them, many people are using soil that retains too much water which can lead to big problems. It's not your fault - I promise! The soils sold by big companies are labeled "fast

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That’s all for now, folks!

Farm Update: 6/26/2020 Wow...what a year it's been. Our greenhouse and summer season is now over. Our strawberry season was cut short due to the weather stunting our last round of green berries (so they never ripened up) and our greenhouses have been cleared out. We apologize to anyone who missed out on these this year but hope you can get some next year! We are so grateful to everyone who continues to support us as we adapt to these changing times and roll with whatever challenges come our way. Our farm and livlihood wouldn't exist without such great customers

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U-Pick Strawberry Update

U-Pick Strawberry 🍓 Update (6/19/2020)  CLICK HERE TO SIGN UP FOR E-MAIL UPDATES AS SOON AS THEY HAPPEN  **WE HAVE REACHED MAX CAPACITY FOR APPOINTMENTS TODAY, JUNE 19th** The fields need some time to rest so the berries can ripen. We plan to have more picking times next week (the week of June 22nd) and we will update as soon as we determine the best days to pick. Following us on social media is one of the fastest way to get updates (and are much more frequent than posts here) and for day-to-day updates and behind-the-scene happenings on the farm

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