As of 9/18/2021, we have reached max capacity for our field trips this year. Due to COVID-19, we are offering a limited number of them to ensure social distancing and spacing so we have booked up more quickly than in past years. We apologize for any inconvenience that causes and appreciate your understanding as we navigate these challenging times. If you contacted us before 9/18/2021, we are working on getting back to you to confirm details of your field trip.

School Field Trips (Prices & Info Valid 2021 ONLY)

We are pleased to announce we are offering a limited number of school field trips this year. 

School field trips are designed to offer a structured trip to the farm for schools, preschools, daycares and homeschool groups. If your group is looking to visit and enjoy a self-guided tour with more flexibility, please visit our pumpkin patch page to book a regular visit to the pumpkin patch. 

Our school field trips includes 3 rotations:

1. Take a hayride and pick a pumpkin

2. Lunchtime/visit farm animals (we do not provide lunches, students bring one from home) 

 2. Make a dirt baby & play in our play area 

Cost: $7 per child, $3 per adult

Each child gets to make a dirt baby, take a hayride, pick a small pumpkin, play in our outdoor play area and on our hay slide, plus visit our farm animals, wander through our corn maze and enjoy the fresh farm air. Kids get to see how and where pumpkins grow, visit real farm animals and learn more about what plants need to grow as we show them how to make a dirt baby so field trips are fun and educational.

If you are interested in booking a field trip, please click the button below to complete a google form with details about your group and we will reach out to you to confirm dates and further discuss details with you. Our typical response time is within 3-5 business days.