Pumpkin Patch Booking FAQ's

No, you do not. Our private hayride (for up to 12 people) also includes general admission and access to the other activities and fun on the farm after your hayride – so no need to double book. If you accidentally overbooked, please email us at lara@bushuefarming.com to cancel the other booking so we can make space for other groups

We are encouraging people to book online as it helps save you and us time with lines at our ticket booth. Of course we understand that sometimes you may not know what activities you’d like to do before you arrive, so of course we do have a ticket booth where people can purchase tickets for those add-ons once they arrive. If you purchase activity tickets online that you don’t end up using, they can be used for their value ($3) towards a food or pumpkin purchase as well but they are only valid for this pumpkin patch season.

Due to COVID-19, we are only offering private hayrides that require advance booking. If you booked general admission tickets, there is no add on option for a hayride once you arrive. If you’ve changed your mind and would like to do a hayride, send us an email at lara@bushuefarming.com to let us know you’d like to rebook to a hayride. If you purchased add-ons, we can use the credit card on file to charge you for the hayride, otherwise we will arrange a time to call you to get that payment info for the hayride.

If you already rebooked yourself for a hayride, send us an email so we can cancel your general admission to ensure there are spots open for others who would like to book.

Just email us! From our end we can rebook to a different time, add on people, add on activities, etc. Please just send us an email to lara@bushuefarming.com and let us know the problem. Please provide us with a booking number or the name on the booking for a faster fix!

Due to COVID-19, we have capacities on each of our timed entry slots. We are also limiting large group sizes (over 20) without advance notice.

If you are trying to add more than 20 people, the system will not let you as we have groups capped at 15 to help us cut down on congestion that tends to come with large groups visiting the farm. If you have a group larger than 15 we are asking people within the groups to make their own bookings. This makes check in at our gate a lot easier and helps us better keep track of people and groups coming and going.

In other cases, there will be 1-2 spots left but a family wants to book for their family of 4-5. The system does not let you because there are only 1 – 2 spots left for that time slot’s capacity. If this happens to you, you would need to choose a different time, or you can email us to see if we can book you from our end with a couple of extra people – just email us at lara@bushuefarming.com

For general admission tickets you receive a 1.5 hour time slot to spend at the farm. It’s OK if you go over by a few minutes, but you’ll want to arrive at the beginning of your time slot in order to maximize your time at the farm. If you are running a few minutes behind, there is no need to let us know, just get here as soon as you can.