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U-Pick Strawberry 🍓 Update (6/26/2020)

Due to the crazy amounts of rain (and sudden changes between hot and cold/rainy) our strawberry season is being cut short. The rainy weather hasn’t played nicely with our berries this year. We were hoping and planning to have more pickings, but the green berries were stunted and the last round never got big enough to ripen up. After talking to a few other farmers in the area, it seems this has taken a huge toll on their crops as well and isn’t unique to our farm. That’s just part of farming – we are at the mercy of the weather. We deeply apologize for any inconvienence this causes people and we hope we will see you all for pumpkin patch or next strawberry season.

We want to thank everyone who has come out and supported us this year and adapted to all the changes. We know it’s not been a crazy time, but your support makes it possible to have the best season we can despite everything going on.  

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Prices for 2020

  • Small Box (3 pint containers – holds approx. 2 – 3 pounds of berries): $6
  • Half Flat (6 pint containers – holds approx. 6 – 7 pounds of berries): $12
  • Full Flat (12 pint containers – holds approx. 13-14 pounds of berries): $24


  1. Can I bring my pet?
    • We love animals, but they are not allowed in our fields due to food and health safety laws we must abide by. It is often hot during our strawberry season, so we recommend you leave them at home where it’s nice and cool rather than in a hot car in our parking lot
  2. Do you accept Cards?
    • Yep! We accept cash and cards for u-pick strawberries
  3. Do you have any pre-picked strawberries for sale?
    • No, we do not. This is a very good thing for our u-pickers because it means they get first choice of ALL our berries, not just leftovers from commercial picking
  4. Are kids allowed?
    • Kids are ALWAYS welcome! There is nothing better than kids being out on the farm ,seeing where their food comes from, getting some fresh air and running in the dirt! Due to COVID-19 we are asking people do not sample/eat the berries and maintain a 6 ft distance to other groups and this applies to children too so it’s very important that they are supervised closely to ensure everyone stays safe and healthy. Thank you for your understanding in this (and we are totally bummed to miss out on all the red strawberry-smeared faces this year from snacking 🙁 )
  5. Is there a limit to group size?
    • Please use your best judgement to decide how many people from your family you bring out to pick. Children should have someone monitoring them at all times to ensure they are keeping a safe distance of 6 feet to other groups. Each family/group should book their own appointment seperately rather than one person booking for several small groups. This gives us a little more control over staggering large groups of people to help maintain social distancing.
  6. Will you be open for picking on *enter specific day/date here*?
    • The truth is, we don’t always know and take it a couple days at a time. We want to ensure there is PLENTY of berries for everyone and if we get picked over or get weather damage, we don’t want a bunch of people to come out and not be able to find berries. We are at the mercy of the weather and things can change rapidly. If we get severe hail that damages our berries, or larger than anticipated crowds we may have to wait for more berries to ripen up. Then, if it’s a rainy week, they won’t ripen as fast as if it is sunny all week. With that being said – we always update our facebook, instagram, e-mail and website AS SOON AS we know our next picking dates so always check back regularly.
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