Yes, we still have STRAWBERRIES!

We will be open for U-Pick on Wednesday, June 28th from 10am to 5pm!

Our season is nearing it’s end, so you don’t want to miss out!

We’re hopeful we will have another picking, but we will have to re-evaluate the field after Wednesday’s picking!

Our fields are located just a couple driveways down from the main farm at 10421 SE Revenue Rd. Boring, Or 97009.

They are $1.65 per pound and we ask that you please bring your own containers to pick into. The varieties we have are Hoods and Tillamooks.

We also ask that for safety reasons, you leave your dogs at home or in the car.

We do not have any strawberries that are pre-picked, we are a U-pick field only.

This also means we don’t commercially pick our fields before you do, so you always get the best berries from the beginning, not whatever is left!
“Will you have u-pick (enter day) too?”
As of right now, we are only definite on the day and time we have listed, but this can change. Unfortunately, it’s nearly impossible to know this until the end of the day on Wednesday, when we have a better idea of how many berries we have left. Keep your eyes out on facebook or our website for an update of our next picking time.
“Cash only?”
Nope! We take cash, check and card!

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